Carol is an open minded person with a wide range of interests.

In reality, it’s not because of looks or your personality to decide your future. When Carol thought she had found the right man, she thought she would marry him. He went to London for work, and met another girl…

While everyone thought it was the end for Carol, she came to HKRD’s matching expert, Yubi, to participate in the company’s top rated program- the one-on-one dating, giving herself another chance.

Even so, Carol wasn’t very lucky. Having gone through many dates, she had found people she liked- but the final result was nothing.

Being 30 years old, even if she was optimistic, she felt a rush of negative energy. One night, Carol asked Yubi “Why don’t any boys like me? Do I not have any appeal?”

Maybe, love comes when you least expect it.

Bernard was an engineer who was studying in a foreign country. Coincidentally, he had come to HKRD as well, and his personality and hopes matched Carol’s.

After knowing each other for two weeks, on April 1st, they decided they had found the right ones, going on hand in hand.

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