Eric, 37, works with an environment with men, and has been single for several years. Until July of this year, he didn’t participate in any speed dating. Then, he signed up for our one-on-one dating, hoping to find his partner.

In his first date, he recognized a teacher, but she didn’t have strong feelings. A week later, he dated the second women, Amy, a 29 year old OL from Macau. She has short hair, like Eric’s interests. When she sat down, she had a big smile, talking about her life in Macau. This first date was relaxed and happy to the end.

About a month later, Eric no longer dated any other girls. He took the initiative to understand Amy. Amy also felt his earnestness and enthusiasm, and finally agreed to pursue the relationship.

You may feel the separation of Hong Kong and Macau is a long distance to keep, not to mention the sea in between, with two hours back and forth on a boat. But Eric and Amy’s love has no distance. The distance has no effect on the development. We wish them luck and hope they have a successful marriage between Hong Kong and Macau.

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