Many middle aged customers often question whether HK Romance Dating can help them. Are women over the age of 35 able to find a partner? Should 45 year olds give up seeking for their girlfriends? In fact, these ideas are all wrong, as long as you are determined, sincere, have a goal in mind, have good characteristics, are optimistic and positive, you will be able to find the one!

George, a 51 year old, divorced from his ex-wife, because he was too quiet and didn’t communicate with her. It had been ten years since, and he still regrets not communicating well. He didn’t have any power to meet anyone of the opposite sex. But after two years, when dating websites and speed dating rose, George decided to give himself a second chance. He began to participate in some speed dating activities and opened an account in other apps.

His attitude got better and during the activities he knew many girls. But since George seemed to be 40, and his true age was 51, many of the girls started to be unattracted to him. So, he decided to participate in a single date to have a clear understanding of each other’s backgrounds.

This is when he found 40 year old Jenny.

Jenny has a few boutiques in Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui, and although she’s successful, she doesn’t brag. She’s easy-going, open minded, generous and has a good temper. When her ex-boyfriend is mentioned, she still remains positive and sincere.

Jenny and George have now been dating for about a month. Their encounter makes our purpose meaningful. Our work has a long way to go- we follow all expectations of the guests and we will continue to work hard for each guest to help them find their other half.

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