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One can live to a hundred years with a fulfilled life, but how is a person “full” if he or she is alone? The good news is, fate has an arrangement for you to meet that other half of yours.

Being brought up from a well-off family, Andy grew up in Canada and spent his childhood years there. He came back to Hong Kong in 2018 to help out with his parents’ winery business. In addition to his family background, his honest, caring and helpful personality got him to meet different girls along the way. Unfortunately, most of the people he met had their scheming minds running around the place. Since then he started to lose faith in others and even himself.

Since his return to Hong Kong, his friends introduced him to different people. However, his lack of confidence switched off every opportunity presented to him. Also through his friends, Andy learned about HK Romance Dating. Upon knowing that HKRD can increase his chances in finding love, he decided to give it a go and joined their membership.

It did not take long for Andy to meet Mandy, and the both of them hit it off really quickly on their first date. Mandy is also someone who possesses good qualities, in addition to her independent personality and attractive physique. After a month of seeing each other, the two of them officially became a couple.

Just like every case, HKRD wishes the two of them the best in their love journey. Hopefully their love will bloom as time goes.