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Bryanhas taken over his family architecture business. Perhaps,since he gets in touch with architecture, he feels that many things are similar to architecture, especially the relationship. Inarchitecture’s world, whether it is buildings or pyramids, all are slowly built with a brick and a stone. For him, relationshipis the same. To successfully develop a relationship, it takes time to develop step by step.

The majority of the second rich generation are arrogant and rude, however, Bryanis a practicaland stable man that always keeps his promise. When Anita, the HK ROMANCE DATING founder, first time met Bryan, he said that he must participate in the HK ROMANCE DATING’s speed dating activities. Anita just regarded it as a joke.She has never thought that Bryan would really take the initiative to participate in speed dating by actively messaged her.

Later, Bryan felt that the One-on-One-Matching was more suitable for him. He treasured every dating. Until he met Elena,he has the thought that “It is her” and he immediately stopped dating other girls.

Elena was the special girl that caught Bryan’s eyeballs. She is a teacher that has great smile and has the aura of elegance. She did not immediately have the relationship with Bryan. But she chose to slowly observe this man. In the third month,Elena felt touching with Bryan’s sincerity and they have been together.

Having a happy relationship is not difficult. It is often hidden inadvertently. Because of Bryan’s initiative and commitment, they finally find their lover under HK ROMANCE DATING’s help.