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I could’n help to keep thinking about those bygone love, for what they mean to my life. It turns out, the best love is to meet when you and I are mature, that, you are no longer an impulsive teenager, we will not break up over trivial matters; that, I am no longer holds a bouncy little heart, no longer as who is ignorant; nor to miss each other in the crowded crowd.

Sarah works as a sales agent and has to travel between Hong Kong and China. She has an outgoing and cheerful personality and loves her job, but the chances of meeting someone at work are slim, trapped her as a bachelor for quite some time. During a conversation with a friend, she learnt that the other party had joined our HK Romance Dating’s one-on-one dating programme. We have a good reputation, with a considerable number of excellent members, so Sarah was moved and chose to join our one-on-one dating programme to get to know more people of the opposite sex.

Can was raised in a middle-class family, his parents are both civil servants, has been attentive since Can’s childhood, ad especially on education, gave him a good upbringing background. Can live up to his parents’ expectations, been awarded a master’s degree, which also proves that he is a man who accomplishes a lot and with plans. Our love consultant found Can to be a responsible person with a good sense of life and a wide range of interests that would colour his life.

Can was deeply attracted to Sarah when their first met, and after more than two months of getting along and pursuing her, he successfully got his diva’s heart melted. HKRD wishes them sweetness and happiness.

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