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Life is a really long journey, and although love may seem to be hard to find at first, we just have to keep moving forward and working hard on ourselves. Perhaps one day, it will come to us before we even know it.

Charles is an engineer who has been an active member in HKRD for some time. Although he met people that he found attractive, he always thought that he was not ready for a serious relationship. As a result, he never pushed through with his dates. Luckily, after some encouragement from our consultants, he learned that finding love was not as hard as he thought. He believed that as long as he never gave up, he will find that special someone in HKRD. As a result, he renewed his membership and attended our 1-on-1 dates, and not long after he met Peggy.

Peggy is a music teacher who happens to be very artistic and quiet-looking. Her lively personality caught Charles’s attention during their first meet-up, and they really hit it off quickly, leaving good impressions on each other. They connected through sharing stories from the their past, bonding with smiles and laughter.

Around a month went by, and Charles and Peggy began dating, and they happily told us their good news. Hopefully the fruits of their relationship will bloom as time goes by, through understanding and perseverance.