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Would you say love relationship relates with family background? We would say yes, and no. While finance is one of the pillar to build a long term relationship, love cannot be bought. However, we cannot deny that people from distinguish backgrounds receive greater repercussions in the love market.

Jack himself is fond of academic research and has been heading towards this direction, but why did he give up halfway? Filial piety in order to reduce the burden of his parents, Jack decided to contribute his career to the family business, in the company as a Sales Manager. Jack is a filial and stable person, both static and dynamic, he loves sports, and also enjoys reading. He lives a simple life, without bad habits and is happy to share his thoughts with others.

Cindy works in a bank, studied and worked abroad before, lives a very independent life. She is also a girl with diversified interests, she likes to play tennis and enjoy spending time at art exhibitions appreciating Chinese paintings. Cindy also cooks and makes soup, giving us an impression of sincerity and easiness. Cindy told us that she values family and hoping her future partner will also share the same value.

Jack and Cindy left each other a very good impression after their first meeting, Jack felt that Cindy is a girl with a very successful career, high academic and qualifications, who also took care of her family, and being very understandable, so he wanted to continue dating. Cindy was on the same page, appreciates Jack as a very knowledgeable person, and his family values are very similar to her own, so she is willing to keep learning more about him. After a month or so, Jack and Cindy had a good feeling about each other and naturally got together.

We wish Cindy and Jack the best of luck, and we also want everyone to know that sometimes you have to fight for your own chance to meet love, and HKRD is always waiting for the right person to find love.