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There are many things to love from a child. You may love their big and round eyes, or their innocent smiles and laughter. Perhaps those who love children have a child living deep inside them, and that loving children is their way of loving their truest self.

Dan is a person with various interests. He likes to try out new things, such as visiting new restaurants and trying different software for his computer. In addition, he is a man with motivation who plans out his future and enjoys spending time with his loved ones. After speaking to our HKRD consultants, they found him to be a very kind person who is serious towards his relationships, seeing it as something for him to work towards in the future.
On the other hand, Eliza is a social worker. Her job requires her to interact with many kids, therefore she is very patient and caring towards the people around her. Other than work, Eliza has different hobbies such as camping, making handicrafts and learning new things. Furthermore, she is very open to sharing her own stories to others. Her goal in search of love was very clear – to establish a family with someone who shares the same values.

After meeting with Dan, Eliza found him to be a really great person. Sharing similar values, both of them were willing to get to know the other more. In fact, Dan talked to our consultants, saying that he is willing to put all of his attention on Eliza and will stop seeing other people. After two to three months, Dan finally told Eliza how he felt about her and the both of them got together.

Love is like a long walk at the beach, it takes time and patience for one to truly appreciate the beauty within. We hope that Dan and Eliza can find joy from their relationship.