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Edward has lived overseas for more than ten years and has returned to Hong Kong for five years. He runs his company now. When he returned to Hong Kong, he had to reintegrate into Hong Kong’s living environment.With his busy job, he did not have much energy and time to find his ideal girl. He hoped that he could find the ideal one through HK Romance Dating. He is a kind -hearted man and he loves animals. He loves sports and enjoy the time at the nature environment. Finally, he met his ideal girl, Apple, through us.

Apple is a flight attendant. She is an eye-catching, self-motivated girl. She cares about her family so much and she also hopes to find a man to form their own family. On their first date, they were like old friends and had alot of common topics to chat with. Although Edward had met many pretty girls before, he was just attracted by Apple’s sweet smile and loveliness. He was very sure that she was the one that he was looking for. On their second date, they confirmed to be in a relationship.

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