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Regardless of the past, everything you see on TV is brilliant. But in reality, when everyone is out of the spotlight, they start encountering the problems, just like the average person does.

As a TV show host, Zona has a stunning appearance, along with entertaining and talkative, you could say that she can win every man’s heart. She was always full of confidence at the thought that everyone liked her.

But even with a stunning appearance, it didn’t bring any luck to her. Just as she was dating her boyfriend of many years, and as she wanted to plan for the future, she realized he had changed and found another girl and he broke up with her.

Although many people liked Zona, but because of what her ex-boyfriend did, she lost her direction of love. So, she came to HKRD and met matching expert, Anita.

When Zona registered as HKRD member, she participated in two one-on-one dating appointments. She found people that she wanted to like, but realized they didn’t meet her standards.

Zona was discouraged, but then she met George. He was a 32-year-old police officer who attended a 10 person dinner organized by HKRD.

The strong and cheerful man soon realized Zona, but there was no real progress, which led Zona to be disappointed. Under Anita’s understanding, George was thoughtful and mature, and he was looking for marriage- so they would have to communicate more for the relationship to develop.

So Anita suggested that Zona spend time with George, and show him that he was destined to be with her.

After half a year went by, the results didn’t fail Zona, because George asked her out. Now, on Facebook, they show their relationship, making people jealous.

If you have been hurt, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to be loved. On the other hand, the right person will teach you to regain your confidence in love.