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Have you ever wondered why it is so hard for people in Hong Kong to date people? Logically, it should be easy for them since they live close to each other, yet the long working hours reduce the amount of time for them to socialize with different people. Even if we are talking about those who possess good qualifications, finding their other half is still a huge task.

Helen is someone who lives on traditional values. The fact that she cares a lot about her family and friends makes her someone who is very easy to get along with. As a surveyor, she has a very stable source of income. In addition, her attractive appearance gave her bonus points in looking for an ideal date. Sadly, she always encountered obstacles while seeking for love. The main issue was that she did not want to waste her time on relationships without a future. Looking to find someone with common goals and values, she decided to seek help from HKRD.

Cliff also happens to be a surveyor, and his straightforward personality allowed him to make many friends along the way. Through them he learned about HKRD and decided to try out our one-on-one dating event. There he met Helen, and was strongly attracted to her. When talking to our consultants, he did not hesitate to tell us that she was his final stop. On the other end Helen told out consultants that she did not want to meet anyone else in HKRD because she felt that Cliff was “the one” she had been looking for.

It was fate that allowed Cliff and Helen to meet, learn and love each other. Surely with great perseverance and care their relationship will bloom in the future. HKRD sincerely hopes that everyone can pursue their happiness through finding that “special someone”, and work hard towards a future full of happiness and joy.