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“You know, there has to be someone in this world that is waiting for you. Regardless of where and when, you just know there is that one special person who is out there.”
-Eileen Chang (1920-1995)

HKRD is very pleased to be able to help everyone with their journey of love-seeking, guiding people to their happiness.

Gary is a very self-motivated man. Aside from working in the financial field he studies to enrich himself. He lives with his parents and loves hanging out with his friends, moreover he is a good listener who is always patient to lend an ear whenever his friends need someone to talk to. Other than that, he loves to play musical instruments, jogging, hiking and participate in volunteering work. All these gave our consultants the impression that he is a very energetic and caring person who loves to challenge himself. Through our 1-on-1 dating service, he met someone who happened to be very similar.

Dora is a rather reserved person, but her optimism attracts a lot of people. When she first met Gary, she was very surprised that there was someone out there who shared so many things in common. Due to their common interests, there were little to zero moments of awkwardness. They really hit it off, and Dora seemed to like Gary. Eventually, both of them had a mutual understanding, and in the end they found love from each other.

Indeed, there really is that special someone out there waiting for you. Regardless of time and space, that person will find you. As long as you are willing to be braver and stronger, HKRD will help you along the way.