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Without love, life can be pale and dry. Yet when love becomes too casual, it will become meaningless as it makes us take it for granted. So here’s the problem: how many times do we have to fall in love throughout our whole lives? Maybe that’s a question without a definite answer, but what we can say is the counting stops once we meet the right person.

Vivian is a devout Christian. After graduating from college she worked as an insurance manager. She enjoys traveling, hiking and doing volunteer work, where she would visit children in need. As someone who has been in 3 relationships, she once hoped to find a kind-hearted and caring professional. But in reality, there all these are just hypotheticals from one’s desire. At the end of the day we never know who we will end up with.

Kelvin on the other hand does not have a strong educational background, yet he happens to be very down to earth. Despite the average salary he earns every year, he still managed to finish paying for his property, as well as having a good amount of savings in the bank for his future family. What makes Kelvin a real charmer is his kindness and ability to adjust for people. He was hoping to meet different girls from our one-on-one meet-ups, and although he got stood-up a few times, he was lucky enough to meet Vivian eventually.

After a few months, the two finally started dating. Seeing them find love and each other in HKRD really puts a smile on our faces!