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People often apply stereotypes onto women, in fact one of the most common sayings states “men in their 40s are like a flower, women in their 40s start to wither”. Yet when we look around, there are so many celebrities past 40 yet looking great as always. Just search up Vivian Hsu, Lin Chi Ling and Ruby Lin, surely they don’t look withered right? That’s why women should always ignore such stereotypes and be brave when searching for love.

Kube only graduated from secondary school, along with her relatively old age, there was a time where she felt like giving up on love. Luckily she chose the speed dating services from HKRD, where she had the chance to meet different single men. That alone gave her hope towards love.

One of Kube’s strengths is that she has really high EQ, giving others a really calm and relaxed feeling whenever they interact with her. She only hoped to find someone who is kind and honest, so it was not too difficult finding her the perfect match.

Bill works at his family’s fashion company. Not only is he very serious about his work, he’s also very down to earth. When he first met Kube, he was already super infatuated. Not long after their first date, he always took the initiative to ask her out. Eventually, his dedication and attitude touched Kube’s heart, and now the two of them are in love.

Both Kube and Bill may not exactly be that young anymore, and that they don’t have a very strong education background, still in HKRD they were able to find true love. Perhaps in front of love, everyone is equal.