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” Just a little bit more of fate, just a little bit more of coincidence, we were a little bit closer to be together. 17 years old, on the blue pitch, one more step, out to offer you a bottle of water, things would have changed; 23 years old, after the party, one more step closer to ask for your number…well … We were so close, that we did not miss out on love, on each other”

Zora is one of the kind, working in an office at construction site, surrounded by engineers with noticeable income, but she suffered from unbearable painful past from her love history, she dares not fall again easily. Zora communicated with our love consultant, she thinks she is suitable for a man who knows well to take care of a dedicate heart, careful and sincere, willing to her hands to walk through from the past together. So our love consultant strongly recommended her, Bill, who is less educated than her but sincerely mature and considerate.

Although Bill didn’t take further education since secondary school, he is a very motivated young man who now owns three vegetarian restaurants. Bill is very independent, loves challenges, is cheerful and talkative, sun shines on him, he is super easy to get along with. He and Zora met twice and found each other to be very compatible, but there was just something missing, that held them from starting a relationship. Zora disappeared for some time, while Bill trust in Zora is not the kind of girl who would ghost the others, and this bothered Bill. After approaches, and sincere caring messages, Zora answered finally, and shocked him with the fact that she had a traffic accident and was almost disfigured, that is them reason she didn’t want him to see her and want to be alone. The news shocked but didn’t stopped Bill, to pursue love, he paid a visit to Zora, and this whole incident, touched Zora, eventually agreed to start a new romance journey with Bill.

Although Zora once believed the accident would have ruined her, she is thankful that she didn’t miss out on the man who was willing to go through thick and thin with her. HKRD is willing to help all men and women who are looking for love to find it, so that they won’t miss out on happiness.

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