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Is it difficult for you to find someone who matches your heights? Come to this Speed ​​Dating to find someone who matches your appearance and is in love with you^^

Event Date and time:
December 05 (Sun) 12:00-2:45 pm

1 min walk from TST MTR station

Male: 30 to 45 years old, 172cm and above, college degree or above
Female: 28 to 38 years old, 160cm and above, college degree or above

The Tall Singles Speed Dating Dinner is divided into three parts:

First, in order to make single friends more involved in activities, we will prepare multiple warm-up games.
Second, enjoy a rich dinner.
Third, take turns to match, and get to know all single friends. You only need to write down the person you want to know on the Matching Form, and HKRD will send you the matching result within 30-60 minutes after the end of the event.

**In order to protect the interests of all participants, if you submit false information to participate in this Speed ​​Dating, including: age, occupation, education, non-single status, etc., once discovered, you must pay a fine of 10,000 HK Dollars to HK Romance Dating Ltd**

Four Tips for Speed ​​Dating Campaign Anti-epidemic:
1) If you feel unwell on the day of the event, provide a doctor’s certificate to 51137308 via whatsapp five hours in advance, and you can transfer to the event for free or make up the difference*.
2) Take your temperature before entering the venue. People with flu symptoms will be asked to leave the venue and participate in other activities at 30% off the regular price
3) Masks, hand rub and air disinfectant will be provided at the event site
4) Those who have left Hong Kong in the past 14 days, please join our Speed ​​Dating event again next time

*The price difference is calculated based on the new event’s regular price
**In case of any disputes, the company reserves the right to make the final decision


Pay before November 28th: $350

Total Quota:
24 people (12 males and 12 females)

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