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Sam has engaged in the dye business from his father. His family
background is quite good. He has been to Canada for study since he was in
secondary school. Then he has been back to Hong Kong to take over his
father’s business. With ever-changing technology, dye business is more and
more difficult to operate. So, Sam is usually busy at the business. He has not
had any romantic relationships since his first love at University. Luckily, his
friend brought him to participate in our company’s Table for Six event and
hope that he could encounter his true love.

He met his special one, Jane, in the dinner and luckily she is his wife
now. Jane is a kind of humorous girl that always make people laugh. Her last
relationship was just last for a few years. After meeting Sam, she often took
the initiative to send some funny pictures to him.

Later they have been together naturally without a formal confession.
Finally, they have got married at the beginning of this year.

HK Romance Dating’s members are not only our guests but also our
friends. We are very happy to know that they are with their loved one. We
bless Sam and Jane love each other forever in the future.