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A Canton fun derivative song sings like: February 14th, Displacement, Twists and Turns, and Scares You ……

The Valentine’s Day that just passed has really made singles drown by the lovey-doveys in public. The famous inspirational song “Red Sun” has been transformed into a singles version of “February 14th Displacement”, even the original singer Stephen, Hacken Lee couldn’t help humming a few lines, and a lot of singles aspire to find a partner before Valentine’s Day, next year.

Tim is a self-employed businessman who likes to explore, and is very popular among his friends because foo his a righteousness and affectionate personality. His reason for joining HK Romance Dating is simple: to find a soul mate and work a beautiful picture together. People with clear goals always find their goodness of their hearts in a second, and as a person like that, Tim soon met the apple in his eyes, named Apple.

Apple was divorced , where her children are with her ex-husband. She works in the beauty industry, maintains a very good appearance, and she likes to dress up, stay to be an attractive lady, strolling and browsing in the city. She enjoys a clean and tidy apartment to live in and also spend time in, she stays at home to do the hygiene work on a regular basis. Apple has a very good impression of Tim, and she thinks that Tim is a nice guy with good personality and has a good sense of humour, and she would like to get to know him. Tim thinks that Apple is sincere and respect about Apple’s past, and even admire and thinks that she is the one in a million.

What’s happened can’t be changed, but what’s in the future is the most to value. HKRD wishes Tim and Apple to find their own happiness and to have a successful relationship.