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“I’ve met the man with the most expensive gifts, the most prestigious background, and the most colourful life, but the man with all of that is a blur. The one is living in my heart forever is the one who supported me in the rain, hugged me when I cried, and walked with me on sunny days. Later on, we all learnt that love can only be protected by sincerity and only still water runs long.”

Tina, who comes from a well-off family, is an English and music teacher in a primary school. She leads the choir and extra-curricular activities after school every day, which occupied up her time, moreover she hopes to further her career in the field of education, so she is also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Education. Tina, who is very enthusiastic about education, always looks proud and satisfied whenever she talks about her students, she doesn’t know that she is so serious and hardworking that she shines brightly in the others’ eyes. Tina usually joins our HK Romance Dating activities, but unfortunately, she has never met anyone that suits her, so she decided to join our one-on-one dating, and she met a sincere person soon.

Andy is a man with clear goals and a well planner, with his personal efforts and perseverance, he became a registered social worker, and is currently working in a youth organisation. Andy’s mother passed away when he was young, and now he lives with his father and sister, probably because of this, Andy was raised to have a more delicate mind. When he first met Tina, it happened to be Tina’s birthday, and Andy prepared a birthday cake to celebrate with her.

After two months, Andy and Tina are attracted to each other, and they fell in love with each other after Andy takes the initiative to confess his love.

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