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There are vary types of relationship can be developed between two individuals, it can be friendship, hatred or love, so when will I meet the one who fall into me in a crowded crowd?

Vicky is a Registered Nurse, she works shifts, and most of the people she meets are either patients or peers from work, it’s not easy for an organic opportunity just come to her. After much consideration, Vicky decided to join our HK Romance Dating in the hope of creating more chances for herself to have quality dates.

Growing up in a big family and working shifts, Tom’s busy schedule trapped him in a same position as Vicky’s, and when he realised that is one of the trickiest situation he is facing, he decided to join us at HK Romance Dating. Tom is very easy-going and chatty, and he is always willing to take an adventure. In a while on the journey, Tom shared with our Love Consultant that he wanted to confess his love to Vicky, but he was afraid of being rejected. In fact, our Love Consultant has been keeping in touch with Vicky, and knowing Tom has left her a pretty good impression, so she suggested Tom to be brave. As per his sincere and action-oriented characteristic, Tom soon got his girl.

HKRD has been acting as a modern-day matron of honour, and when we accompany our clients to find their true love one by one, we are also in trill, and that is the mission of us.

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