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Throughout history in a society, a man who be with a partner younger than himself a decade or even two, whether for true love or greed for money, this man will be the envy of the rest. Inverse, a woman, meets a man a day younger than herself, encounters too many obstacles, such as the whispering, the judges. So, what is your view on brother-sister relationship?

Yoyo is a simple lady who dresses well, treasure her friendships, likes to laugh, being punctual and gives off the image of a reliable little girl next door. She met Kelvin, the man of her dreams, a few years younger than her, in a seminar organised by HK Romance Dating, where a professional psychotherapist was invited to share her communication skills and hypnosis techniques, and both Yoyo and Kelvin were attracted to each other as they both like to learn and improve themselves. However, due to the age difference, Yoyo was reluctant to accept Kelvin’s approaches.

Kelvin never minded the fact that Yoyo is older than himself because he believes limit doesn’t set on true love. Moreover, through communicating with Yoyo, he recognised Yoyo is his ideal partner. So even though Yoyo rejected him many times, he still tried to reach her heart again and again. Luckily, Kelvin’s goddess Yoyo finally sees his heart and started to date.

HKRD wishes Kelvin and Yoyo the best of luck in their relationship, and hopes to help more people break through the limitations of love and find their own true love.