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Mackenzie’s height is 1.68m, just like a model. Her skin colour is similar to
wheat and she always look cute. She is very straightforward and is a reliable
girl. Definitely, it is not difficult for her to find a boyfriend with her character and
stunning appearance. She joined our one-on- one-dating before. Two men
hoped to meet her very much. However, she did not have any spare time to
meet them as she was busy at work and she has a family member, an elderly,
in poor health condition that she needed to take care of.
Goddess of love may play tricks on Mackenzie because she
encountered her only one, Sunny, when she felt discouraged on love. Sunny
is a very considerate person that he tried his best to fit Mackenzie’s schedule
every time. He has been faithful to Mackenzie since he has confirmed that
she was his only one. Since then, he has never met other girls anymore.
Mackenzie felt very touching and she agreed to be Sunny’s girlfriend when
they have known for more than 3 months.
Love can come a bit slower, but should last a little longer. We are willing
to wait for our Love and we are more willing to take the initiative to find it. We
bless Sunny and Mackenzie love each other more and more on the road of