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In the old days, not many people approved of matchmaking jobs. But, in reality, there are many singles who just weren’t as social. Some of these people are charming, and are all-around successful. They’ve reached the marriageable age but still haven’t met their match. They’re labeled, “The Leftovers”. That’s why many speed dating companies have been discovered. It’s a great way to help people find their true love.



In the speed dating world, speaking is important. HKRD’s Anita Cheung, believes, “When an event begins, the host should plan an ice-breaking activity to form a good atmosphere so the participants can get to know each other.” In addition, there should also be other activities and themes. “Many guests will return if they think the activities are fun and new.”


One-on-One Dates: Substantial!

HKRD, in addition to one-on-one dates, also host Friday night Tables for 6/8, and Sunday High-Tea dates. Large-scale activities such as BBQ’s or cruises will be held once a month, on a Saturday. Matchmaking activities will be more frequent during the holidays, like “Love Festivals” for Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Most speed dating companies charge clients based on their reputation. For example, with the Table for 6/8, HKRD charges about $400 per person. This is the lowest fee of many speed dating companies in the area. From each Friday, they still earn about $12,800, in a month. But Anita emphasizes that HKRD chooses high-class, local restaurants, so the main source of their income comes from one-on-one dates. Each of these dates, costs two-times as much as the group dates. In other dating companies, one-on-one appointments can cost up to thousands.


Working from 8 am to 2 am: SUPER WOMEN!

Many people think that working in Speed Dating is very simple. That workers only need to set up dates. In fact, the prep work is tedious. Anita believes that it has a large workload. “We start the day at 8 am, and end at 2 am!”

At the beginning of the day, they look at clients’ information, this usually takes all morning. Then in the afternoon, they search for restaurants to hold their dates, trying the dishes and observing the surroundings. After usual office hours, they still stay at the company, to meet with clients and learn about their personality and needs, in order to match them with their true love!


Becoming a Love Consultant

Anita added, for one-on-one dates, they must spend more time focused on the clients’ backgrounds. Because of this, the matching consultant’s shoes are not easy to fill. Sometimes, at night, Anita receives texts and calls from clients asking about their love problems.

We also asked, “How did you turn from a news anchor to a matchmaker?” Anita replied, with a smile, “Before, with Yubi, we joined speed dating activities hosted by our friends, and got a great idea: we wanted to have our own business before we turned 30. So, we partnered with our friend’s company.” Want to become a worker for HKRD? You must have good references, we want the most privacy for our clients.”


Potential in Hong Kong

Anita is very optimistic about the future of the Speed ​​Dating industry in Hong Kong. After all, the market is in need. “It is common in Western countries and even in the Mainland to get to know the opposite sex through Speed ​​Dating, but Hong Kong is more conservative in this respect, and some people think that it is impossible for them to know their partner when they go to Speed ​​Dating,” she said. “When the idea is put out, the market will become very large.”    


She added that there is no professional qualification requirements, but there is psychological preparation needed. Everyone can become a modern matchmaker, but first, you must be ready for the great workload.  


In addition to the hard work, Anita believes you must also be committed to the job, be diligent, plan activities well, and put yourself in the clients’ minds. “I want my guests to find their partners, so I’m not just doing a job, but a job that can help others find happiness for others.”