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In recent years, with the increasing global exchanges, cross-cultural exchanges have become a trend, and Hong Kong people like to travel to Japan and have a good understanding of Japanese culture, HKRD has cooperated with Pure Wedding, a matchmaking company in Osaka, Japan, to promote Hong Kong-Japan exchanges and open a new chapter of Hong Kong-Japan relationship for Hong Kong singles to open up a new chance of love.

HKRD has always been committed to providing quality and professional dating services to singles. Recently, HKRD has organised a number of Hong Kong-Japan Zoom Dating events. This online activity allows singles in Hong Kong and Japan to get to know each other and communicate with each other through video chatting. This is not only a convenient way, but it also overcomes the limitation of geographical distance and allows more people to have the opportunity to participate. Through Zoom Dating, singles can have conversations in a comfortable environment.

In addition, to further promote exchanges between Hong Kong and Japan, HKRD will hold physical dating events on 30 June 2024 in Aoyama Omotesando, Tokyo and 7 July in Umeda, Osaka. The events provide opportunities for singles to meet face-to-face. Such events not only allow participants to get to know each other, but also to experience each other’s cultures and lifestyles. Through this kind of physical Speed Dating, Hong Kong and Japanese singles can establish a deeper connection and have the opportunity to develop a lasting Hong Kong-Japan relationship.

All in all, we hope that everyone can find their true love through Hong Kong-Japan activities. We believe that more Hong Kong-Japan relationships will be born as a result of these activities. We look forward to hearing from you!