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Christmas Eve on December 24th is a romantic and meaningful day, a time to show love and appreciation. To welcome lovers and relatives, people will prepare Christmas decorations and gifts in advance and decorate the Christmas tree. I believe that those who are still single are looking forward to spend the festive season with their partners. HK Romance Dating has prepared a number of interesting and romantic Speed ​​Dating activities for you. I hope that single friends can broaden their social circle while looking for their love one.

In November, there will be two exciting and fun Speed ​​Dating, for young and mature singles to participate respectively, keeping up with current trends, event registration and details:
Fortune Quicksand Table Game Experience Night | A table game of Sims’ journey (November 11)
Manga Storage Sponsorship | Squid Game Dating Version X Secret Room Decoding (November 14):
In addition to indoor activities, HKRD also prepared two unforgettable, exciting outdoor activities for singles. Single friends can take a yacht to the Disney Hotel Bay to enjoy the beautiful night view, or go to Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island for a romantic journey together. Event registration and details:
Disney Yacht Buffet Party and Wine Tasting Workshop (November 27):
HKRD Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island | Seafood and Gourmet Sightseeing Tour (December 4):
If you want to meet new friends, also to learn new knowledge in speed dating. This Speed ​​Dating fits your liking. It is the Psychoanalysis of Painting | Explore the Unknown Self workshop taught by professional psychotherapist and university lecturer Nick Yip.
The “House, Tree, Person Projective Drawing” is not just a psychological counseling commonly seen in movies and TV. The “House Tree Person” theory was proposed by American psychologist John Buck as early as 1948. It can project personal mental state and subconsciousness. Through this introductory class, you can easily learn it. Friends who are interested in psychology should not miss it.

Psychoanalysis of Painting | Explore the Unknown Self workshop Registration and details (November 18):
If you prefer to relax and enjoy the traditional Speed ​​Dating mode, while tasting delicious food and casual chatting, we also have a number of them. The host will add new and interesting games to make the Speed ​​Dating event full of joy. Don’t miss it ^^
Registration and details:
Young Unmarried College Singles Luncheon (November 13):
Afternoon Tea for Overseas Living Singles (November 13):
Afternoon Tea for Young Professionals (November 20):
Dinner for Mature Professionals (November 20):
Cat Cat Cafe Speed ​​Dating Afternoon Tea (November 21):
Unmarried College Singles Afternoon Tea (November 28):
Music theme bar with great atmosphere | Tall Singles Speed Dating (December 5):
Music theme bar with great atmosphere | Super-Mature singles Afternoon tea | Only new registration 1-on-1 female members (December 5): -afternoontea-mature-05dec2021

Looking forward to meet you at the event^^

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