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“Affection” Short Film

July 22nd, 2016

HK Romance Dating expert, Yubi, took part in the filming of the short film, “Affection” as the sentimental heroine, to publicize the tech product of MayCard.

A lot of the time, we would like to speak with friends but we don’t know how to start. MayCard’s personalized image bookmarks, enables people to record a video and sneak it into gifts, cards, etc. When friends and family receive gifts, they can watch the video message, anytime, with the snap of their camera. You will be able to get the message across to your friends and family at any appropriate time.

Yubi’s interpretation of the interpretation of the heroine conveyed the image of a sincere and moving girl, who encouraged her ex-boyfriend not to give up on his dream.
Let’s take a look!