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Anita as the Master of Ceremonies

December 9th, 2016

The wedding is an important milestone in a person’s life. Friends and family gather together to congratulate and witness a couple join as one. On these important days, many have invited Anita and Yubi to their ceremonies, to be the master of ceremony, and to coordinate the day. This day, Anita came to Tsim Sha Tsui for a friend to manage and host the banquet.

Many of our clients think getting married causes a lot of worry, and with the two founders’ experience, they were able to plan and reduced the stress of the big event. They led the way for many visitors through their weddings. After setting the times, they also composed a detailed list of what they were doing at each stage, and contacted anyone that they needed.

Below are some helpful references for your wedding planning!

  • The Wedding Pre-Planning:
  1. Determine time and place
  2. Determine budget
  3. List of Guests
  4. Confirm bridesmaids and best man, flower girl……
  5. Determine any helpers, friends, relatives……
  • Wedding Guests
  1. Send invitations
  2. Phone anyone who lives out of the country
  3. In a timely manner, inform attendees about your wedding.
  4. Once again, confirm the guests’ information.

  • Wedding goods preparation
  1. New Home:
  • Furniture, electrical appliances, bedding, lucky decorations, candles, flowers……
  1. The Ceremony
  • Bride’s Dresses, Bridesmaids Dresses and Best Man Attire, Shoes, Ring, Cosmetics, Red Envelopes, Decorations, Food
  • Self-Preparedness
  1. Bride and Groom begin to diet and discipline their bodies
  2. Hair care
  • Hire Staff
  1. Master of ceremonies, cosmetics, photographer, catering service
  2. Contact team, book wedding
  3. Estimate number of guests for banquet
  4. Book Hotels
  5. Lighting, Sound
  6. Informed about bathrooms, dressing room, lounge, elevators, safety exits

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