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“Experts’ Tips” Added to HK Romance Dating’s Website To share experience of Love and Beauty!!


As a single, you are confident, your character is good as well, but no one seems to be attracted to you. You think, “How can I get others to notice me?” Even if you have been dating someone for a long time, and you don’t feel the romance anymore. In reality, developing and dealing with love is profound knowledge.

HKRD has matched over hundreds of couples. We have hosted hundreds of speed dating activities and contributed to more than 2000 “One on One” dates. HKRD has witnessed plenty of men and women go from single, to dating, falling in love and eventually, marriage.

Throughout the years working with matching.The founders of HKRD, Anita and Yubi decided to open a new page [Experts’ Tips] in the website to share their experiences with everyone.